Portable Signal Generators and Battery Powered Signal Generators from Signal forge are ideal for field test applications. Never lug a big, heavy signal generator into the field again!
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Portable Pulse and Signal Generators

Portable Signal Generators and Battery Powered Signal Generators from Signal forge are ideal for field test applications. Never lug a big, heavy signal generator into the field again!

New! High Voltage Pulse and Pattern Generator
SF2000              New Product!
The Signal Forge 2000 Pattern and Pulse Generator is a high voltage signal source with both pulse and pattern operating modes. The pattern-based pulse mode featured on the SF2000 is much more capable than common pulse generators which only generate simple pulse bursts.
Features include:
- Voltage range 3.3V to 20V into high impedance; 1.65V to  10V into 50 Ohms
- 3 channels, Pattern and pulse modes
- Pattern bit period 20ns to 42s with 10ns resolution, 16k deep per channel
- Pulse width 10ns to 42s with 10ns resolution - Independent channel operation
- Adjustable channel skew
- Trigger on edge or level
- Pattern runs once or looped
- Single-step mode
- Save up to nine user-defined settings
- Auto-start loads user-defined setting at power up
- Control via front panel or PC
- SCPI programming interface  
The SF1000 Portable Signal Generator combines a 1 GHz frequency range with three dedicated outputs to deliver the capabilities a signal source and a function generator in a small, high-performance system.
The SF1010 Portable Signal Generator with Remote Control is a small, high performance signal source incorporating the SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) interface.  The SF1010 features a frequency range of up to 1 GHz. RF, digital and differential outputs and support for numerous waveform modulation functions.
The SF1010 may be controlled using the EZWave software supplied with the unit, or remotely using software such as LabView or integrated with an automated test environment.
The SF1020, is a portable, battery-powered signal generator designed for field test applications. It features a 1 GHz frequency range and numerous waveform modulation functions making the ideal tool for a full range of field test applications.
The three dedicated outputs--RF, digital and differential--make all three Signal Forge signal generators flexible enough for testing both digital, clock-driven systems, such as ICs and circuit boards, as well as RF systems such as mobile phone systems, RFID, Zigbee and wireless LAN.
All Signal Generators Feature
  • Small, portable package
  • RF output 1 KHz to 1 GHz (SF1000 supports 2.6 GHz with add-on modules)
  • Digital output 1 Hz to 110 MHz
  • Differential output 50 MHz to 1 GHz
  • Modulation functions include: AM, ASK, BPSK, Chirp, FM, FSK, OOK, Sweep Signal Generator 
  • Digital output ideal for testing setup and hold of digital systems--ICs and circuit boards
  • Differential output tests digital, clock-driven systems up to 1 GHz
  • BPSK for testing Wi-Fi, RFID, Zigbee
  • Programmable clock generator
  • Testing and calibrating receivers
  • Test amplifiers for gains and the 1 dB compression point
  • Portable, bench top and ATE system applications
  • Local Oscillator (L.O.) source
  • RF exciter
  • Filter testing down to 1 Hz
RF Expansion Modules For SF1000 Portable Signal Generator
The new 2500Mand 1800M Frequency Expansion Modules attach to the Signal Forge 1000 Signal Generator,
providing an RF output up to 2.6 GHz. The 2500M features an RF output with a frequency range of 1.5 GHz
to 2.6 GHz programmable in 1 Hz increments. And the 1800M provides an RF output with a frequency range
of 950 MHz to 1.8 GHz. The modules are connected to and controlled by the Signal Forge signal generators.
EZ Terminal For Windows Vista Now Available
New Serial Communications Software for the Signal Forge Signal Generators Supports Windows Vista, XP and 2000.  Click here to download your free copy.

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